Who is Carroll & Company Communications, LLC?

Carroll & Company Communications, LLC is a trusted resource offering our clients, who frequently become our friends, comprehensive communication planning, implementation, evaluation and consultation. We are a women-owned small business with decades of experience in communication strategy and material development, implementation and evaluation.

What We Do:
Specializing in healthcare, we help our customers establish and then deliver on SMART communication objectives that increase awareness, support systems and environmental change or drives sales. Carroll & Company provides:

• Consultation
• Strategic Planning & Research
• Material Development
• Campaign Execution
• Evaluation

How We Do It:
To deliver impactful results in a time and cost effective manner, we must be on the same team. That’s why we believe our customers are our partners, part of ” & Company.” Working together we successfully uncover barriers and develop the messages and tactics that resonate with the target audiences. In short, we:
– Work to fully understand your organization and business objectives

– Develop and execute strategies that employ communication techniques aligned with your organization’s objectives

– Utilize uniquely qualified professionals to deliver quality products and services

– Hold ourselves accountable through regular reporting on campaign effectiveness

Who We Work For:

A partial client list includes:
ARCH Air Medical
LaBarge Products
Department of Defense
SSM Healthcare
St. Louis Science Center
Veterans Administration

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